Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford, 1913-2006

Another ex-president has passed away, so let us all please lower our flags to half mast. I would like to remember President Ford with those quote from...a reputable soruce:

First things first: Gerald Rudolph Ford was probably the greatest natural athlete who ever assumed the Presidency. Yes, he tripped on the Air Force One staircase in Salzburg, Austria. Everyone knows he tumbled down the stairs in full view of press and local dignitaries. What most people forget is that Ford managed to land on his feet and shake the hands of the reception committee without missing a beat. Try doing that when you're 64 years old.

Right on.

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Josh said...

He was also the only president, that I know of, that had the opportunity to play professional football. He said in an interview with Larry King that straight out of college a few pro teams wanted him to play for them, including Washington and Green Bay, I think. Instead, he went on to be the Asst. Coach at Yale so that he could go to Law School there at the same time.