Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Civil War Crimes

I just thought that I would remind everybody that on this day in history, April 27, 1861, Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. This was, of course, very unconstitutional. At that time, this act pertained only to a section between Washington, DC and Philadelphia. The entire nation was affected by it a year and a half later, again by an act of Lincoln. Again, this was very unconstitutional. What all this meant was that people could be arrested and held indefinitely without ever being tried for a crime. Pity those who ever tried to point out the unconstitutionality of this act. If this fact makes you curious as to what other crimes against freedom that Lincoln committed, I suggest that you read the book When in the Course of Human Events: Arguing the Case for Southern Secession by Charles Adams. Now I understand that a lot of people get very upset when ever any question of Abraham Lincoln's character or presidency is questioned. Even when presented with irrefutable facts, they will plug their ears and refuse to listen. I say, beware idolizing any man. Read the facts first.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I just thought that I'd fiddle around with Paint just to imitate my good friend, Josh. Posted by Hello

Long Time No Speak

Well well well, it has been an awful long time since I've last uttered a peep on this blog. Over a month, it looks like. My how time flies! I've been kind of busy with school so I haven't given much thought to internet rantings. Not that there hasn't been anything to rant about! The Pope died, for goodness' sake! Well, what can be said about that? Apparently, much of what calls itself Protestant Evangelicalism can say a great deal of good things about the Pope. What a great number of good deeds he performed. But unfortunately, if John Paul II was still adhering to the doctrines of the church that he led when he died, then sadly, he was relying partly upon these own good works to get him to heaven. That's what his fellow Catholics believe! Some say that he was so good and meritorious, that he has been able to skip purgatory and go straight to heaven! Unfortunately, the true Gospel has no such place for works. Only the work of Christ can get a man into heaven. Salvation comes wholly by God's grace. Now, I can't say where the soul of Pope John Paul II is at this moment because I cannot say to whom God has or has not been gracious to. If He can save me, then He could save John Paul II. If He could save Paul, the chief of sinners, then God could save this good-working Pope. On the other hand, God is true to His Word, which states that His graceful salvation comes through faith alone in Christ alone. Those who do not accept this Gospel are under condemnation. Now, though we cannot say what went on in the heart of the Pope in his last hours, we can see that his ministry has been one of rejecting this Gospel and replacing it with another (which is not really another). The true Gospel can say, as the Pope's motto, "totus tuus" (totally yours), but only to Jesus Christ; not, as the Pope's motto meant, to Mary. That so many "evangelicals" and "protestant leaders" are remaining completely silent on the issue of the gospel and instead just praise the late Pope's works is very sad and is, it would appear, a return to Rome.