Tuesday, January 02, 2007

John MacArthur's "Burden of Proof"

On a recent broadcast of Grace To You, John MacArthur answered a question about dispensationalism. He claimed that the burden of proof lied with covenant theologians to explain exegetically how the verse in the Old Testemant that promises a kingdom to Israel really means "the church". Now a whole eschatology cannot be explained in one single verse, so I will not do that. However, all of the Bible as a whole, especially the New Testament, explains that the "true Israel" is not physical Jews nor the church, but is Jesus Christ Himself. He is the seed of Abraham. And therefore all who are in Him are part of the true Israel. Now, I think rather that the burden of proof lies on John MacArthur to explain why his view, which is identical with that of the Pharisees in Jesus' day, is not fulfilled in the spiritual realities of Christ, and His blessings. When Paul speaks of the promise to Abraham in Romans, he makes it clear that the promise concerns Christ in His first coming, and all who are in Him, regardless of their natural descent. The burden of proof lies with Dr. MacArthur to explain why the blessings of Christ in salvation, and of His bringing in people into union with Himself and the Father, is not enough. How is a physical kingdom, which the first century Jews ERRONEOUSLY expected (as made clear by Jesus), a better fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy than acutally being lifted up into Heavenly places with Jesus Christ Himself, which is what salvation, of Jew and Gentile alike, is? Furthermore, the burden of proof lies with Dr. MacArthur to explain how 1830 years of Christians were wrong. How is that everbody was wrong until a Charismatic Scottish girl came along and set everybody right? I think it was Dr. Lloyd-Jones who once boasted that he never preached anything new. That is a very good statement, one that I think John MacArthur would agree with wholeheartedly. Except for the fact that he does preach something new, relatively speaking. For 1830 years, all Christians preached that Jesus Christ is king TODAY. If the Jews want a physical kingdom, they can have it. I have something much better--Christ's acutal kingdom.

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