Thursday, March 16, 2006


I am a Beatles fan. The Beatles were the ones who made me want to play guitar. All my life consisted of for my teenage years was just The Beatles. As I got older I developed interest into other bands that took up more of my time and album-collecting energy, but the Beatles still hold that special spot in my heart as the Honorary Best Band Ever. Tonight I watched my DVD of their first film, A Hard Day's Night, plus one of the documentaries included. As I watched the documentary and they talked about the opening showings in London and Liverpool and whatnot, I had a thought. Which was this: Imagine how aggravating it would have been to not be a Beatles fan and trying to enjoy an evening in London's West End on the opening day of that film. Teenagers everywhere. I found London to be a little too crowded as it is. Can you imagine trying in to take in a little bit of the theater while all of that was going on next door? Criminy. Of course, only a fool would not be a Beatles fan, so I have no sympathy. Another thought that I've had for years is how it would have been to be a male teenage fan during Beatlemania. All of the media focus was on all the screaming girls, so male fans would probably have been perceived as a little gay. Oh well. I would have tried to get into a concert, too.

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