Friday, December 10, 2004

Hometown Boy Makes Good, Gets Killed

I am a guitar player. I live in Arlington, TX. This gives me two things in common with "Dimebag" Darrell. This awesome guitar player was shot and killed while performing onstage in Ohio with his band Damageplan. If you've never heard of Damageplan, perhaps you've heard of Dimebag's former band, Pantera. I've never been a fan of their music, but I am very familiar with Dimebag Darrell via guitar magazines. I always noticed a complete sincerity in his appreciation of his fans. He seemed very humble, and always acted very honored about the status of guitar hero given him by his fans and peers. I will miss the down-to-earthiness that he brought to the guitar world that so many others just don't bring. Guitar magazines just won't be the same without interviews with him. Let us pray for his family and friends and fans. Though Dimebag Darrell's music and lifestyle were very ungodly, the Lord can use this tragic death to give glory to Himself. Let us pray that His will be done.

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