Sunday, October 03, 2004

Southwest Founders Conference mp3

Alrighty then, if you'd like to hear the mp3s of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest 2004, here they are.

Rev. Leslie Smith - Prayer Life
Rev. Bob Selph - The Man in Romans 7
Dr. James White - Justification & Sanctification
Rev. Jarrett Downs - Preaching That Sanctifies
Dr. James White - New Perspectives on Paul
Rev. Bob Selph - Q & A
Dr. James White - Suffering & Sanctification
Dr. James White - Knowing God's Will
Rev. Steve Garrick - Responsibility in Sanctification


Sam said...

What a NICE surprised!!

I'll have to give these a listen some time, maybe today!

RedHotForJesus said...


Ransom said...

Thanks for posting these. We don't get Founders Conferences around here, and after reading all the hype on various blogs, I was getting curious.